New eBook: Machine Learning for Healthcare Applications

A new electronic book is available, entitled Machine Learning for Healthcare Applications. This eBook, published in 2021, is a comprehensive description of issues for healthcare data management and an overview of existing systems. Content includes information on disease diagnosis, telemedicine, medical imaging, smart health monitoring, social media healthcare, and machine learning for COVID-19.

Machine Learning for Healthcare Applications provides a comprehensive overview of current technology. Each of these chapters, which are written by the main inventors of the presented systems, specifies requirements and provides a description of both the chosen approach and its implementation.

Available Upon Request Webinar Recap

On March 31, MSK Library hosted our first Advancing Authorship event of 2021 – Available Upon Request: Towards Meaningful Data Discoverability

In this session, 105 attendees learned about the current FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management and stewardship, data availability statements, the MSK Library’s Research Data Management Service and Data Catalog, and data governance at MSK. 

Panelists/speakers included:

If you were not able to attend the session, we have you covered and invite you to view the recording. To learn more about our Advancing Authorship series, just ASK US. We have some exciting plans for our 2021 event series, so we hope to see you then!

Available Upon Request: Towards Meaningful Data Discoverability Webinar

How do we enable data discoverability, linkage, and re-use? Join us for presentations that will answer this question as we explore the importance of FAIR research data to foster transparency, reproducibility, and research integrity.

DateWednesday, March 31
Time12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
LocationZoom Webinar – REGISTER NOW

Elsevier, an early adopter and co-author of the FAIR Data and Data citation principles, has rolled out data sharing policies across its journals. They will provide insights on the implementation of the infrastructure that supports authors with complying with journal and funder data sharing mandates, and will discuss other resources for authors to manage their FAIR data and code.

The MSK Library will highlight their efforts in launching a new service focused on Research Data Management, including collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. They will demonstrate how this initiative facilitates best practices and enhances data discoverability at MSK. Data Stewardship & Integration will cover how this service fits into the overall management of data across the institution.


Sarah Callaghan, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Patterns, Cell Press, Elsevier
Sarah comes to Patterns from a 20-year career in creating, managing, and analyzing scientific data. Her research started as a combination of radio propagation engineering and meteorological modeling, then moved into data citation and publication, visualization, metadata, and data management for the environmental sciences. She was editor-in-chief of Data Science Journal for 4 years and has more than 100 publications. Her personal experience means she understands the frustrations that researchers can have with data. She believes that Patterns will bring together multidisciplinary groups to share knowledge and solutions to data-related problems, regardless of the original domain, for the benefit of humanity and the world.

Marina Soares E. Silva, PhD, Product Manager, RDM/Mendeley Data, Elsevier
Marina is the product manager responsible for Data and Code Linking in the context of article submission at Elsevier and contributes to internal and external initiatives on article-data linking. Marina has managed several partner relationships with universities testing the Mendeley Data repository with a focus on user research. Additionally, Marina was the Product Manager responsible for delivering a Research Object Composer that enables the publication of complex FAIR data objects in the cloud. This was work in the context of the NHLBI Data Stage project and a joint partnership with researchers at the University of Manchester and with Seven Bridges Genomics. Marina started as a Biology undergrad in Portugal and moved to the Netherlands to complete a PhD in experimental biophysics at the AMOLF Institute. In 2013, after one year as a postdoctoral researcher in Developmental Biology at the MSK/Sloan Kettering Institute, Marina joined Elsevier as Publisher. In this role she focused on improvements to the Peer Review process of the Biomaterials and Nanomaterials portfolio and launched the journal Materials Today Nano.

Anthony Dellureficio, MLS, MSc, Associate Librarian, Research Data Management, MSK
Anthony joined the organization in 2019 to help develop and launch this new service in support of our researchers’ workflow by introducing them to resources that focus on data management plan creation, data discovery, and data reuse. As the service continues to expand, collaboration with researchers, data science industries, and library colleagues will be key to ensure that the Library offers the right data management services. Anthony previously worked as the digital archivist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, rare medical text cataloger at the Johns Hopkins Institute of the History of Medicine, and archivist at the Johns Hopkins Medical archives. Most recently he led the Library and Archives systems team at The New School for about ten years. His academic area of interest is in the history of genetics, and he is a regular reviewer for the Quarterly Review of Biology.

Theodora Bakker, MS, Director, Data Stewardship & Integration, MSK
Theodora has been at MSK for two and a half years as the head of Data Stewardship and Integration, and in 2020 also became the Product Manager for the Unified Data Fabric, an initiative to bring together high quality, standardized data across the MSK missions. Theodora has spent almost 20 years in academic medicine, including as a researcher, an information specialist, and has spent the last 9 years leading data stewardship. She has worked on standardizing and integrating research and clinical data to foster better data sharing for clinical, education, and research purposes, and partners with the MSK Library to achieve that goal throughout cancer care.