A New PubMed is Here

The National Library of Medicine is in the process of transitioning to a new version of PubMed. The legacy version of PubMed is still available. When you visit the legacy PubMed site, you’ll see a banner that says “Click here to try the New PubMed.”

We encourage you to visit the new PubMed to begin familiarizing yourself with its interface and features. The updated version of PubMed features enhanced search results, responsive design, and makes use of the latest web technologies and standards.

new user guide answers many common questions about how best to use the new site. NLM has added links on the new PubMed homepage to many popular PubMed sites including the Advanced Search and the MeSH database.

Currently, the MSK Library Research Informationists are reviewing and evaluating the new PubMed in order to provide appropriate training to the MSK community, and to identify any potential issues the National Library of Medicine needs to address in terms of functionality. Stay tuned for a future blog post which will list new PubMed workshop dates/times.

In the meantime, if you have questions or need help with the new PubMed, please Ask Us! We can submit feedback to the National Library of Medicine on your behalf, or you can submit feedback yourself using the green Feedback button available on all PubMed pages.