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The MSK Library is pleased to announce our new library search discovery and access tool now available from our Library Website called OneSearch. This enhancement will allow users to access the Library's electronic and print collections all in one place. Feel free to share your feedback about OneSearch or contact us to learn more about using this tool.

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Thiol-Reactive Bifunctional Chelators for the Creation of Site-Selectively Modified Radioimmunoconjugates with Improved Stability. Figure 3. Planar (left) and maximum intensity projection (right) PET images of athymic nude mice bearing A33 antigen-expressing SW1222 colorectal cancer xenografts (white arrow) following the injection of 89Zr-DFO-PODS-huA33 and 89Zr-DFO-mal-huA33 (140 μCi, 60–65 μg). The coronal slices intersect the center of the tumors.
Adumeau P, Davydova M, Zeglis BM
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