‘Morning People’ May Have a Lower Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

Researchers at the University of Bristol presented a study this week at the NCRI Cancer Conference in Glasgow which details the importance of sleep health and the circadian rhythm. The researchers analyzed their data via Mendelian randomization, which “uses genetic variants associated with possible risk factors, such as sleep characteristics, to investigate whether they are involved in causing diseases such as breast cancer.” Continue reading

A New MSK Author Title Added to the Library’s Collection!

Recent Advances and Applications in Dosimetry is comprehensive collection of the emerging treatments and techniques in dosimetry, including calorimetry, radiochromic film, real-time portal dosimetry, thermal imaging dosimetry, 3D dosimetry, 5D planning and delivery, 3D printing, high intensity ultrasound treatment, photodynamic therapy, MR-guided treatment machines, nanoparticle-enhanced radiotherapy, and proton beam therapy. The latest advancements in dosimetry techniques are covered by expert authors in this new text edited by MSKCC’s Maria F. Chan, and may be found in OneSearch.