New Essential Journal: NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery

The library now subscribes to a new journal, NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery. NEJM Catalyst is a new peer-reviewed journal from the publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine. It aims “to accelerate the transformation of health care delivery and improve patient health by publishing authoritative and actionable content for health care leaders, practitioners, and researchers.”

Articles will examine how health services should be organized, delivered, and financed, research reports on topics and surveys from the NEJM Catalyst Insights Council; case studies of care delivery, and examinations of public policy that affect healthcare delivery. This journal is now available in OneSearch.

Nature Biomedical Engineering Added to the Library Collection

Nature Biomedical EngineeringThe library has recently added Nature Biomedical Engineering to our collection. This journal aims to showcase advances in biomedical engineering, including methods, technologies, and therapies used to fight disease, along with the medical devices and procedures used to accomplish this. The journal’s scope covers methods, processes, materials, therapies, technologies, and devices that promote the understanding of human diseases and that lead to advancements in healthcare.

Nature Biomedical Engineering is essential for bench scientists, engineers and clinicians. It is available now via OneSearch.

New Essential Journal: Nature Cancer

The library has recently added Nature Cancer to the collection. This new core journal will provide current and major cancer-related advances. Areas of interest encompass “fundamental, preclinical research that furthers our understanding of the mechanisms underlying tumour initiation, propagation and progression; work aiming to translate this knowledge to the clinic by focusing on new approaches for the development and delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities; clinical studies informing cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention; and new ways of understanding the global societal impact of cancer.”

Among the many topics covered in Nature Cancer are cancer genetics, cancer biology, tumor evolution, therapy, cancer models, and social issues related to cancer. Nature Cancer may be accessed via OneSearch.