ASCO 2020 Highlights

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference met virtually at the end of May, a growing trend with medical and scientific conference organizers to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In a Nature News article, participants in a number of online conferences discussed their experiences with these virtual gatherings. MSK graduate student Emily Costa commented that the online format made asking questions less intimidating, especially for new researchers, and led to higher quality engagement. Many believe that even after the pandemic ends, conferences will retain more online components.

ASCO 2020 annual meeting logoThe online-only format of ASCO’s 2020 conference did not hinder the presentation of advances in cancer research. Here are some highlights from MSK researchers, from MSK’s News & Information team:

MSK in the News: Remembering Dr. Paul Marks

Dr. Paul MarksOn April 28, 2020, Dr. Paul Marks died at age 93. From 1980 until 1999, Dr. Marks was MSK’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

His New York Times obituary recalls his contributions to MSK:

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s research and hospital arms had historically been separate; Dr. Marks merged them. Within the hospital, he encouraged the creation of integrated medical teams to coordinate patient care; created a research and treatment center devoted to breast cancer; and established the first center devoted to pain management for cancer patients.

He also continued his own research while running the institution, finding genetic connections to the blood diseases known as thalassemias and developing a targeted therapy for some cancers.

Read the full obituary here.

MSK in the News: COVID-19

Numerous news sources have consulted MSK staff, researchers, and physicians on a range of topics related to COVID-19. Here is a selection from recent weeks: