Accessing Library Resources Remotely


  • Of your physical location – whether you are working from home or on-site at MSK,
  • Of what device you are working on – whether you have been issued an MSK laptop or are working on your personal computer,
  • If you have set-up VPN, PingID, and ez2Factor or not,
  • If you are a clinician or non-clinician,
  • If you have worked remotely from home before or not,
  • If you need a journal article or book chapter on a specific topic,

    …your information and research needs can be met via the MSK Library’s homepage!

Note:  Not all MSK Library’s resources have been converted to electronic formats although our collection development policies favor electronic versions of resources (when available and not cost-prohibitive) – for both books and journals.

Paired with its super-efficient Document Delivery Service (which allows the library to take advantage of both the print and electronic collections of other libraries), the MSK Library is well-positioned to offer a comprehensive digital library experience for the entire MSK community.

Here’s what you need to do if you are NOT on the MSK campus and are NOT using VPN from offsite:

To gain access to the MSK Library’s electronic resources remotely, all you need to do is go to the MSK Library’s homepage at (you can even just Google “MSK Library” to reach it) and then click “Remote Access” located at the top right of your screen.

Enter the requested information and start using resources by launching them from the MSK Library website.

If you have any issues finding or accessing resources, please be sure to Ask Us.