Shorter MRIs More Effective than 3D Mammography, Study Indicates

Dr. Christopher Comstock

Dr Christopher Comstock. Photo by Ethan Kavet.

Anyone who has undergone a breast MRI knows that the procedure can be lengthy, expensive, and uncomfortable. A new study in JAMA from the ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group, lead by MSK’s Dr. Christopher Comstock, indicates there may be an effective alternative.

Researchers from 48 institutions compared 10-minute breast MRI exams to 3D mammography in a multi-center study of nearly 1,500 women with dense breasts. The abbreviated MRI found invasive cancers in 17 women and non-invasive cancer in 5 women. 3D mammography found invasive cancers in 7 women and non-invasive cancer 2 women.

In an interview with NPR, Dr. Comstock said that an MRI that takes a third of the time as normal could cut down the cost significantly. But more research is needed before it becomes a standard practice.

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