Our ILLiad Webpages Have a New Look!

MSK Library users know and love our ILLiad Document Delivery service. It allows anyone with an MSK email address to access a world of information beyond MSK Library’s highly specialized cancer-related collections. This is a service that is used by researchers throughout MSK to get articles on topics ranging from angioplasty to zebrafish.

Today we’re launching new ILLiad webpages. These pages serve the same functions as before with an updated look. There are a few changes you should know about.

The new pages are mobile friendly, accessible, responsive, and generally updated in their look and feel. We hope the new pages will be intuitive to navigate for users, but if you’re having trouble, please reach out to the Document Delivery Services team.

Now, let’s get down to some specifics. Your login for ILLiad has not changed. It is your MSK network username and your employee ID number – not your MSK password. Once you log in, you may be prompted to update or confirm some information for your user profile. This information will not be shared outside the library and is only used by our staff to contact you about your requests and for some statistics within the library as to who is using our service. Complete the form and click “This information is correct” at the bottom of the page to submit your answers. You will not be able to move on to the request pages without submitting this information.

Once you confirm your contact information, you’ll reach your ILLiad dashboard. The menu items are now along the top and the left-side menu is gone. This includes a new Search field. You can search by request number, author name, article title, and more.

Some of the language has been updated to remove library jargon. The image below shows requests with new, plain language statuses.

ILLiad is still the portal for MSK library users to request scholarly material, retrieve PDF files of articles and book chapters when those requests are complete, and check on interlibrary book loans coming in from libraries across the country. We hope that these new web pages will make your experience using ILLiad even better. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Document Delivery Services team at ill@mskcc.org.


All New: Springer Nature Experiments

Springer Protocols is now Springer Nature Experiments!

Experiments is a new research solution developed by Springer Nature to connect researchers with the most relevant and important protocols and methods to support their research projects. One search on Experiments spans more than 60,000 valued references across the entire Springer Nature and Methods portfolio including

  • Nature Methods
  • Nature Protocols
  • SpringerProtocols, and
  • Protocol Exchange

Learn more:

NEW! IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging

You want(ed) it, we got it!

The Library now has access going back to 2010 for IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging!  The focus of the journal is on unifying the sciences of medicine, biology, and imaging. The journal is indexed in both Pubmed® and Medline®.

The journal publishes original contributions on medical imaging achieved by modalities including ultrasound, X-rays, magnetic resonance, radionuclides, microwaves, and optical methods. More detailed submissions guidelines may be found at the IEEE Author Center.

You can access IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging via OneSearch.