Endnote X9 Upgrade Available, New Features

Endnote X9 is now available at MSK. If you have not received an update already, please call the Help Desk at 123-3337 or 646-227-3337 to have the latest version installed.

New noteworthy features include Endnote X9’s increased functionality with regards to sharing, the addition of four new reference types (e.g., social media), and its vastly expanded integration with a citation analysis database tool called Web of Science (also owned by the same parent company, Clarivate Analytics) which includes Science Citation Index and Journal Citation Reports.

Share Group

Endnote has expanded the sharing capabilities in X9 to allow for not just the sharing of a Group with others – thereby extending read-only or read-and-write access to them – but of an entire Endnote library. Also, whereas previously sharing Groups would have to be initiated via one’s Endnote Online account, this function can now be initiated from within the desktop version by going to Endnote > Groups > Share Group.

Manuscript Matcher  (click to see short video demo).

By providing Endnote’s Manuscript Matcher tool (found using the menu options by going to Endnote > Groups > Manuscript Matcher or starting in Word > Endnote X9 tab > Manuscript Matcher), with “key pieces of information” including manuscript title, abstract and references, Endnote will return a list of between two and ten journal title recommendations along with some analysis and journal quality metrics such as JCR® Impact Factor information. This list is generated using a proprietary search algorithm based on text mining and citation analysis (so including the references will actually improve the accuracy of the recommendations by 30% according to the vendor).

Create Citation Report

Another interesting feature that can now be launched from within Endnote is Clarivate’s Citation Report. After creating a group of citations, you can go to Endnote > Groups > Create Citation Report and Endnote will search for the citations in your Group in the Web of Science and generate a Citation Report. This snapshot of scholarly impact will include a variety of metrics, including each individual paper’s cited reference count. This could provide users with a quick and easy way of establishing which paper out of a batch of database search results may have had the highest impact since its publication.

If you are new to Endnote or would like a training refresher, be sure to check out the MSK Library’s workshop schedule for a list of upcoming Endnote classes (updated to the end of February).