New eJournal: Med

The Library has subscribed to Med, a new journal published by Cell Press. The mission of the journal is to “accelerate translation of bench research to the clinic by providing a communication forum for the exchange of knowledge, fresh ideas, and thought-leadership among translational researchers, clinicians, and Biotech and Pharma scientists as well as other medical research stakeholders.”

Med is focused on research that will have an swift impact on clinical therapy. This research focus includes clinical studies, disease mechanism and/or therapies, biotechnology and engineering advances, and resources (such as informational databases) across a broad spectrum of medicine, cancer, obesity, heart disease, genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, and health economics and policy.

How To Receive Weekly Emails from The Cancer Letter

The Cancer Letter is “an independent weekly news publication” that provides information on “the development of cancer therapies, drug regulation, legislation, cancer research funding, health care finance, and public health”.

The MSK Library provides an institutional subscription to this publication. If you would like to receive email alerts, please follow these instructions to subscribe via email:

1. From the Library Website, in ONESEARCH, type Cancer Letter or click on the link to The Cancer Letter under eJournals
2. When prompted, authenticate by entering your MSK login credentials
3. Scroll down the page and click on News Alerts in the page footer (black bar)
4. Enter your name and email address and click Submit
5. You may need to click on the link in the email if you receive it to confirm subscription.

For more information on related publications and setting up journal alerts, email Ask-A-Librarian or call the general reference line at 212.639.7439.