MSK Publications Added to Synapse in January 2020

The Synapse team has already added 484 MSK-authored works (published in 2020) to Synapse, our database of MSK publications and authors. 

Highlighted here are three articles that are receiving a high amount of attention online. Combined, they appeared in 166 news outlets and 1,236 tweets. To view the news stories and tweets, follow the links below and click on the colored Altmetric section on the right. 

How Many Publications are Found in Synapse, Your Connection to MSK Authors?

Every month, the Synapse Team keeps busy locating new publications written by our authors, adding them to the Synapse database, cleaning and enhancing the metadata, and assigning them to our author’s profile pages. And when the monthly work is done, we do not rest! The team then moves on to retrospective content, with the goal to one day have a single database containing the citations for all publications from MSK back to 1884.

In the last year, the team added a total of 11,980 works to Synapse. About half of those account for new works, published in 2019, or late arrivals from 2018. The other half covers our retrospective work, which as of last week now goes back to 1991. This means Synapse now contains the publishing output of MSK for the last 29 years.

As of today, Synapse has a total of 78,157 publications– works including journal articles, meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, and books.

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Citation Counts Added to Synapse

Happy New Year to all of you! Kicking things off in 2020, we are happy to announce that we have integrated the Dimensions citation badge to all publications in Synapse.

Dimensions, a product of Digital Science, is a research database with over 100 million publications containing articles published in scholarly journals, books and book chapters, preprints, and conference proceedings.The badge will appear alongside the existing Altmetric donut, now giving you a variety of ways to view your publication impact.

All works in Synapse will include the badge if the work has a citation count that’s greater than zero. The badge is a dynamic link to the citation score in Dimensions and will fluctuate in real time as the citation count changes. Clicking on the colored wheel will take you to the source page where you can view more details, including the article’s citations.










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