Synapse User Experience with Yesenia M. Werner

We recently had the opportunity to work with the Epidemiology and Biostatistics department to create a set of customized Synapse groups. Here we speak with Yesenia M. Werner, Project Coordinator for the group, on how she and her colleagues use Synapse to streamline their workflows:

Synapse has proven to be an incredible tool to help streamline workflows in our team. In a department with many investigators broken into multiple services, it was important to find a way to capture their published works in order to feature them appropriately on their CVs.

In our experience, being able to identify who published what could be quite cumbersome using tools like PubMed. In the event that an investigator had a common name such as “John Smith,” a database that can pull every John Smith/J Smith, etc. in the scientific community was particularly un-helpful. With Synapse, we are able to identify only the appropriate works by MSK investigators, which means any information we share within or outside of the MSK community is as accurate as it can be.

Being able to sort Synapse by date is also helpful for our team in producing a departmental newsletter. We can pull publications from a particular time frame and thereby highlight the most recent works in our publication.  Ultimately, Synapse allows for us to promote our institutional publications in a visually pleasing and streamlined way accessible by both internal and external entities.”

For more information on creating customized groups, or questions regarding Synapse, contact Jeanine McSweeney.

MSK Publications Added to Synapse in January 2019

2019 is still young, but the Synapse team have already added over 450 MSK-authored works (published in 2019) to Synapse, MSK’s authoritative database of our authors and their publications.

Of interest, the following selected publications are receiving a high level of online attention. Combined, they were featured in 77 news outlets and tweeted over 678 times. To view the news stories and tweets, follow the links below and then click on the colored  Altmetric section on the right.

MSK Publications Trivia: In which Journals have MSK Authors Published Most Frequently?

The Synapse team has begun importing the first batch of MSK publications for 2019, while also continuing to add retrospective content to the database. Thus far, the library has indexed 66,258 MSK-authored publications, and aim to go as far back as 1884.

Looking at research articles published between 2019-1994 (our current scope of coverage), here are the top 10 Journals by number of MSK publications:

  1. Journal of Clinical Oncology (1640)
  2. Cancer (866)
  3. Clinical Cancer Research (789)
  4. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (684)
  5. Blood (652)
  6. Annals of Surgical Oncology (643)
  7. International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics (597)
  8. Journal of Biological Chemistry (545)
  9. Cancer Research (517)
  10. Journal of Urology (508)

For questions about Synapse, contact Jeanine McSweeney.