New to Synapse: Additional Publication Formats

A frequent question we are asked by our users is how to retrieve only research (or peer-reviewed) articles from Synapse. Previously our “Journal Articles” category included other formats such as editorials, commentaries, letters, reviews, guidelines, interviews etc. Identifying just research articles was difficult without looking through the Synapse records one by one – but no longer!  Beginning with 2020 publications and moving forward, we have refined this category to separate the various formats, allowing our users to more precisely retrieve their desired publication data. We will continue to also filter meeting abstracts, conference papers, book chapters, and whole books.

Here are our new categories (see full list):

Correspondence: letters to the editor, replies, and other items included in the correspondence sections of journals.

Editorial: editorials, viewpoints, commentaries, and other opinion type pieces published in journals. Also includes sections of a journal typically authored by the editorial board, such as the preface or introduction to a special issue.  

Guidelines: a set of guidelines/recommendations written on behalf of a professional group or society. May also be called a consensus statement. Examples include guidelines and related updates provided by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

Journal Article: presentation of original research investigations that are likely, but not always, peer-reviewed. This category includes studies such as: clinical trials, case reports, brief reports, meta-analyses, laboratory investigations, retrospective analyses, CME activities, and white papers. 

Miscellaneous: items that do not fall within other categories such as: book reviews, interviews, obituaries, debates, podcasts etc.  These works are usually not peer-reviewed.

Research Letter: original research presented in journals as correspondence.   

Review: comprehensive literature, topic, or subject summaries, including systematic reviews.   

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy New Year!

Highlights from our list of MSK-Authored COVID-19 Publications

Our list of MSK-authored COVID-19 publications continues to grow, currently reaching almost 200 publications. We began this list in April 2020, seeking to quickly collect any research, guidelines, commentaries, or preprints relating to COVID-19 written by our community.

Highlighted here are some of the popular papers on the list based on their Altmetric score, which tracks a publication’s popularity on the web through its mentions in news stories, policy documents, blogs, tweets, and other social media.

Click on the colored donuts to view view full details (keep in mind that scores fluctuate in real time):

Complement associated microvascular injury and thrombosis in the pathogenesis of severe COVID-19 infection: A report of five cases.
Translational Research. 2020 June 01; 220:1-13.


COVID-19 in children with cancer in New York City.               
JAMA Oncology. 2020 September 01; 6(9):1459-1460. 



Determinants of COVID-19 disease severity in patients with cancer.
Nature Medicine. 2020 August 01; 26(8):1218-1223.



MSK Publications Trivia: In Which Journals did MSK Authors Most Frequently Publish in 2019?

MSK Authors published over 5,000 works in 2019, including journal articles, meeting abstracts, conference papers, and books. Here are the 10 most common journals for the 3,240 articles collected in Synapse* for 2019, along with their journal impact factor, taken from the Journal Citation Report produced by Clarivate Analytics. 

2019 Top Journals

This chart comes from the 2019 Synapse Publications Report, our annual review of MSK’s research publications. Check it out to see more trivia about our authors and their publications. 

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*Note: In Synapse this category also includes editorials, letters, guidelines, and reviews.