@Covidence Added to Library Resources

The Library has recently added Covidence to the collection. Covidence, a Cochrane technology platform, is a web-based systematic review tool designed to facilitate the process of screening, data extraction, and analysis of published literature. This resource has been integrated into the MSK Library’s Systematic Review service.

Users interested in utilizing this resource can create their personal sign-in information with Covidence before or after joining the institutional subscription. To request access to the institutional account in Covidence, use your current MSK email address. If you have already joined the MSK Library’s Covidence account, then you can log into Covidence with your email and password and start using this reference review management tool immediately.

Covidence may be found in our Database A-Z or by searching OneSearch.

Drug Information via DailyMed

Provided by the US National Library of Medicine, DailyMed provides trustworthy information on marketed drugs. The content of this resource is updated daily by the US Food and Drug Administration. Current content includes well over 100,000 entries.

Daily Med Homepage

Link to DailyMed from the MSK Library’s Databases A-Z list and if you have any questions about this resource, please don’t hesitate to ASK US.

@ASPANorg ‘s 2019-2020 #Perianesthesia #Nursing Standards, Practice Recommendations and Interpretive Statements Now Available!

The 2019-2020 Perianesthesia Nursing Standards, Practice Recommendations and Interpretive Statements by @ASPANorg has recently been added to the library’s R2 Digital Library.

The Standards, which are republished biennially, are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis by a team of clinical practice experts; with each revised edition incorporating current evidence-based practice, emerging regulatory requirements, and reflects changing technology and nursing practice. The 2019-2020 edition contains

  • principles of safety and ethics in perianesthesia practice
  • perianesthesia practice standards
  • practice recommendations
  • position statements
  • resources from partnering organizations and
  • interpretive statements which provide clarity and definition to key elements of the standards.

The 2019-2020 Perianesthesia Nursing Standards, Practice Recommendations and Interpretive Statements may be found in OneSearch.