Important NCBI Account Changes Coming in June: Choosing Your Best Third-Party Option

NCBI announced it will transition to federated account credentials on June 1, 2021. What does this mean for you?

We’ve noted before that creating a My NCBI account is a key tool within PubMed and other NCBI databases. It retains your user information and database preferences to help you keep track of research, customize your search experience, and stay compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy. While these account changes are being implemented for privacy and security reasons, they won’t affect what you’ve stored within your NCBI account. Look to the NCBI Account Login Changes FAQs page for more information.

Starting now, if you only have a Native NCBI Account (a NCBI username and password), you will need to add a Linked Account to it. This means signing in via a third-party organization, and letting it confirm your identity. This will give you federated account credentials within NCBI, and make your account more secure. Examples of organizations that you can link through are eRA Commons, Google, ORCiD,, Microsoft, Facebook, and NIH.

As there are 4,000+ third-party login options to choose from, it’s important you select what works best for you. See this list for a breakdown of recommendations by role, activity, or preference. Here are two common scenarios for our MSK user community:

If your work involves using NCBI within the grant application process:

If your work involves using NCBI as a researcher or clinician:

Below are instructions for adding your chosen third-party option(s). The Library recommends adding at least two in case one is disrupted.

Instructions to add a Linked Account from the main NCBI page:

  1. Go to NCBI
  2. Select an option from the list or click on “more login options” for all organizations listed alphabetically

If you’d like to add more Linked Accounts once logged in to NCBI:

  1. Click on your NCBI username in the upper right corner
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Under Linked Accounts, select Change
  4. In the search box, search for and select your desired account
  5. Authenticate with the third-party