A Wedding at MSK

No one envisions themselves getting married in a hospital. But that’s where Miranda Wickham and Enver Candan found themselves saying “I do” just weeks after Mr. Candan was admitted to MSK for acute promyelocytic leukemia treatment.

As The New York Times reported, after COVID-19 and the cancer diagnosis canceled two earlier plans to wed, the couple applied for a marriage license and expected to sign some forms at the hospital to make their union official. But the staff on Mr. Candan’s floor saw to it that it was an event to remember. They recruited Recovery Room Nurse and Universal Life Minister Sonja Schedler as the officiant, provided flowers picked from a staff member’s garden, blew bubbles as the couple walked down the hall, and turned a conference room into a festive reception space.

“We didn’t even know them personally, and all of these people had done all this. It was very emotional,” Ms. Wickham told The New York Times.