2019 Highly Cited MSK Researchers

Now in its sixth year, the 2019 Highly Cited Researchers report from Clarivate Analytics (the company behind Web of Science) is now available.  Curious on who made this global list of influential scientific researchers? Read on to find out!

This year the report includes 6,216 highly cited researchers (last year’s report included 6,000). The key findings have been summarized and to learn how a researcher makes this list, take a moment to review their methodology.

Name Category Name Category
Omar Abdel-Wahab Molecular Biology & Genetics Robert J. Motzer  Clinical Medicine
Maria E. Arcila  Clinical Medicine *Eric G. Pamer Immunology
Michael F. Berger Clinical Medicine, Molecular Biology & Genetics Dana Pe’er  Cross-Field
Cameron W. Brennan   Cross-Field Michael A. Postow  Clinical Medicine
Margaret K. Callahan   Cross-Field Natasha Rekhtman  Cross-Field
Timothy A. Chan   Cross-Field Victor E. Reuter  Cross-Field
Paul B. Chapman   Cross-Field Gregory J. Riely  Clinical Medicine
Justin R. Cross   Cross-Field *Naiyer A. Rizvi  Cross-Field
Luis A. Diaz Jr.    Cross-Field Neal Rosen  Cross-Field
Frederic Geissmann  Immunology Alexander Y. Rudensky Immunology
Mithat Gonen  Cross-Field Charles M. Rudin Clinical Medicine
*Adriana Heguy Cross-Field Michel Sadelain  Cross-Field
Matthew D. Hellmann Clinical Medicine Leonard B. Saltz  Cross-Field
*Eric C. Holland Cross-Field *Chris Sander Molecular Biology & Genetics
Clifford A. Hudis Clinical Medicine Charles L. Sawyers Cross-Field
*Jason T. Huse Cross-Field Howard I. Scher  Clinical Medicine
Christine Iacobuzio-Donahue  Molecular Biology & Genetics Nikolaus Schultz  Molecular Biology & Genetics
*Robert R. Jenq  Cross-Field Ronglai Shen  Cross-Field
David Jones  Cross-Field Nicholas D. Socci  Cross-Field
Cyriac Kandoth  Cross-Field David B. Solit  Clinical Medicine
Philip W. Kantoff  Clinical Medicine Elisa de Stanchina  Cross-Field
David S. Klimstra  Cross-Field Martin S. Tallman  Clinical Medicine
Mark G. Kris  Clinical Medicine Barry S. Taylor  Molecular Biology & Genetics
Marc Ladanyi  Clinical Medicine, Molecular Biology & Genetics Craig B. Thompson  Molecular Biology & Genetics
Ross L. Levine  Molecular Biology & Genetics William D. Travis  Clinical Medicine
Joan Massague Molecular Biology & Genetics Marcel R. M. van den Brink  Cross-Field
Taha Merghoub   Cross-Field Agnes Viale Cross-Field
Vincent A. Miller  Clinical Medicine Jedd D. Wolchok Clinical Medicine

*Former Employee

This year, I am delighted to share that 56 researchers associated with Memorial Sloan Kettering made the list (double the number compared to last year).

On behalf of the library staff, congratulations to these researchers and to all of our distinguished authors, who through their work contribute daily to the ever-growing body of published medical and scientific literature.

Donna Gibson
Director of Library Services