A Mid-Year Look at MSK Publications Popular on the Web in 2019

Each month, the Synapse team looks for recently published works authored by MSK researchers and staff and adds them to Synapse, our database of MSK authors and their publications. For 2019, we have already indexed almost 2,000 publications (including journal articles, meeting abstracts, reviews, conference papers, editorials etc.) Using the Altmetric integration we have added to Synapse, we can track the online attention publications receive across the web.

The following 2019 MSK publications have received the highest amount of online attention. Combined, they were featured in 111 news stories and tweeted over 2,886 times. To view the news stories and tweets, follow the links below and click in the colored Altmetric section to the right.

For questions about Synapse or Altmetric, contact Jeanine McSweeney.