Conflict of Interest Statement Field in PubMed

In 2017, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) introduced a new field, Conflict of Interest Statement [COIS], into the PubMed record to accommodate the conflict of interest statement from the published article (i.e., as provided by the publisher) being indexed.

The information generally appears in this format (example from NLM):

COIS – [The author] has been paid for developing and delivering educational presentations for [foundation].

COIS – The author acknowledges the donation of [devices] from [company] for the pilot study.


To retrieve all citations that contain conflict of interest statements, you can use the PubMed query hascois, for example:

(hascois) AND sloan kettering[Affiliation]

The PubMed search can also be restricted to looking only at the content in this field (i.e., field searching in COIS) via the Advanced Search option, for example:

Novartis[Conflict of Interest Statements]

To learn more, be sure to check out the MSK Library’s LibGuide focused on Conflict of Interest (COI) or Ask Us!