Visualizing MSK Research Collaborations

The 2017 Synapse Publications Report is now available and with a new feature–  research collaborations.

We looked at the author affiliation data* from 2,013 MSK research papers published in 2017, compiling the geographic locations of the collaborating authors. What did we learn? Not unsurprisingly, that collaboration is key! MSK researchers collaborated with outside researchers on 85% of of all papers, and only 6% of papers were authored by a single author.

The report includes two maps, International and United States, along with the top cities, states, and countries of our researchers’ co-authors outside the Center.

Additionally in the report you will find information about all MSK publications from 2017 including highly-cited papers, top Altmetric scores, top journals, and a full bibliography of works.

Look for the 2018 Publications Report later in the year.

*Data retrieved from Scopus citation database.