When Cancer Immunologists Become Artists

What happens when you ask cancer immunologists to draw their work? Neil Canavan found out when he asked nearly 50 scientists to do just that. Many of these drawings—some rough diagrams, some comic book-ready—are featured in a recent article from STAT. They include one by 2018 Nobel Prize winner—and former MSK researcher—Dr. James Allison, and another by MSK’s Dr. Michel Sadelain. More drawings can be found in Mr. Canavan’s recent book, A Cure Within: Scientists Unleashing the Immune System to Kill Cancer, which can be checked out from the MSK Library.

Today’s Science Sparks on the Library display screen.

Images are engaging ways to describe scientific concepts. Every weekday, the Library features an image from an MSK-authored publication on its homepage, an initiative we call Today’s Science Sparks (click here for the archive). These images are also displayed on the screen by the Library’s information desk. Next time you are in the Library, check out the screen—your graphic could be on it!