Using Advanced Search in PubMed

Use Builder in PubMed Advanced Search to create complex searches for the best results.

1. Search by keyword in a specific field of a PubMed record (e.g. Affiliation, Author, Title, Title/Abstract) or in All Fields

You can search in particular fields for precision and build your search strategy step by step in Builder and combine steps using Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT).

2.  Combine search sets (or different search strategies) from your search History.

Use search sets/strategies as “building blocks” by adding them from the History to Builder and then combine them using Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT). This  allows you to create complex search strategies easily, coming up with a final, duplicates free, results set.

3. Grow and save your search

Left click the order number from the search History to display a menu for that search. Save in My NCBI to create saved search strategies and email alerts.