Safe Fun in the Summer Sun

Summer is officially here! Time to head out of the office, hit the beach, and enjoy that sun and surf. But first, grab the sunscreen.

A recent article in MetroKids provides sunscreen advice from several dermatologists, including MSK’s Dr. Steven Q. Wang. Their consensus? No matter your skin tone, you need to protect your skin. For the best protection, use a sunblock that both absorbs UV rays (chemical sunscreen) and blocks them (physical sunscreen) or layer on one of each type. SPF 50 is sufficient for blocking 98 percent of the sun’s UVB rays — the protection from a higher SPF is minimal, and may lead you to think you can stay out in the sun longer. While spray sunscreens are better than no sunscreen at all, the spray often misses skin and doesn’t apply enough. And as we often forget when we’re having fun in the sun, reapply every two hours.

For even more sun safety tips, read this item from MSK’s On Cancer blog.