Quertle’s Search Engine (Qinsight™) Keeps Evolving and Improving

The latest version of Quertle’s search engine, called Qinsight™,  is worth discovering for the first time or having another look at if it has been a while since you used it. (Please be aware that although MSK has a paid subscription, you are still required to register individually in order to access MSK’s account.)

Developed by biomedical informatics researchers, Dr. Jeff Saffer and Dr. Vicki Burnett, the Qinsight™ search engine uses Quertle’s proprietary technology to identify the most relevant information from biomedical literature. Most of the content sources that Qinsight™ searches are otherwise freely-available ones that can also be searched via their “native” interfaces. These content sources include MEDLINE/PubMed (licensed from the US National Library of Medicine), NIH RePORTER, TOXLINE, US Patent Applications, AHRQ Treatment Guidelines and more.

Of note is the ever-expanding pool of openly-available full-text articles that it searches in addition to the abstracted information. The biggest value-add of searching this content via the Qinsight™ search engine, however – as opposed to using a tool like Google – is that it uses advanced linguistic and statistical technology, as well as other AI methods, to identify relevant documents, enabling high-efficiency discovery and insight from the biomedical literature.

For more information on the features and functionality of Qinsight™, please review their User Guide.

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And of course – feel free to Ask Us about Qinsight™ at the library and share with us your reviews and other feedback about this product.