PLOS Early Career Researcher (ECR) Initiative

In order to better serve this growing global community, PLOS has developed a new initiative for science undergrads, grad students and early career researchers (studying or working in any discipline). The PLOS ECR Initiative has three main components:

  1. PLOS ECR Community Blog – A new blog forum to serve as a venue for the sharing and discussion of research and issues confronting young scientists
  2. PLOS ECR Travel Award Program – A funding opportunity for ECRs who have published in PLOS and are presenting at scientific conferences. This year, there will be multiple application periods, the first round ending on May 31, 2016
  3. PLOS ECR Resource Center (in development) – A “living online library” to help ECRs better navigate their chosen education and career paths

For more information, see the recent blog post: Introducing the PLOS Early Career Researcher (ECR) Initiative and Year Two of the PLOS ECR Travel Awards Program.