Generating a Public URL of References using MyBibliography

Need a link containing a list of your (or your PI’s) authored/co-authored publications for the new NIH Biosketch format? Here’s a tip on using the MyBibliography section in PubMed’s MyNCBI to get this done. You must first have an active MyNCBI account in order to successfully complete the steps below.

  1. Visit PubMed via the MSK Library website using this URL:
  2. Login to MyNCBI (if not already).
  3. Search for your (or another author’s) publications by going to PubMed’s Advanced search and choosing “Author” from the drop-down menu in the first search box. You can start to type in a last name for a list of suggested authors to appear. Choose the appropriate name from the list and hit Search.
  4. Scan the list of results and check off the correct citations as you go. Note: some results retrieved may belong to another author with the same last name and first name abbreviation – be careful when selecting references.
  5. Once you have all of the appropriate references checked off, click Send To in the upper right and then choose My Bibliography.
  6. Once saved to this section within your MyNCBI account, you can then manage the references and choose to make the list public.
  7. This generates a unique URL which can then be placed in your Biosketch or elsewhere.

For help retrieving a list of publications for you or your PI, please contact us.