My Cancer Genome Offers Insights into Personalized Cancer Medicine

For physicians, patients, caregivers, and researchers alike, My Cancer Genome is a resource for identifying mutations that cause cancer growth as well as therapeutics and clinical trial information. The video above (six minutes) will help provide a better understanding of current genome research trends and the database’s functions and use. The resource is useful as a decision-making tool for diagnosis and appropriate treatment of different cancer types beginning at the molecular level. Not all cancer types are available in the database as of now.

On the homepage, you will see a drop down menu of all diseases currently searchable in My Cancer Genome. After choosing a disease, you will then need to choose a gene from the below drop down menu, followed by a mutation (variant) in the drop down menu below that. These descending menu options are dependent on your choice(s) prior to it.

Your result is then displayed in four different tabs ranging from basic information about the variant to relevant clinical trials for that mutation.