Exam Proctoring

Please note: Proctoring services are temporarily unavailable at this time.

To request a proctor and arrange a time for you to take your exam, please complete the Proctor Request Form. Before submitting your completed form, take a moment to review YOUR responsibilities listed below as well as those of the assigned librarian. 

Proctoring Service
The MSK Library staff proctors both written and online exams for MSK staff only. Proctoring hours are fixed and can be scheduled between 9:00AM and 12:00PM and between 1:00PM and 4:00PM (scheduled exam will need to end at 4:00 PM).  This service is provided Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays depending on room and staff availability.  The testing space may be shared with another test taker(s), taking the same exam or a different exam.
The Client:
  • must fill out the request form at least one week in advance of exam date.
  • is responsible for setting up proctor verification with the institution or organization.
  • must arrange for the exam to be sent to the proctor.
  • must provide postage and return envelope.
  • is required to bring all necessary exam supplies, including laptop, notes, calculators, etc.
  • must bring MSK ID with them.
  • must be on time and must notify staff member if he/she cannot make the appointment or is running late.
The Library:
  • will confirm your appointment within one business day.
  • will assign a Library staff member to proctor your exam. Special requests for specific Library staff members are not permitted.
  • may decline your request if staff is unavailable.
  • cannot be held responsible for exams not received by the institution.