Printers & Copiers
The Library's printing system supports MSK's green initiatives and ensures privacy by eliminating forgotten print jobs. Printers are intended for printing single copies of work-related materials only.
Draft Printers
Two draft printers are available at the MSK Library to print single copies of work-related materials. The draft printers are located in the Copy and Print Area.

Color Printers, Photocopiers and Scanners
Two photocopy machines are available in the Copy and Print Area. Color printing and color copying are available for $.50/page*. Black and white copies are $.10/page*. These machines may also be used to scan materials and send files to your MSK email account at no cost. Delivery time is dependent on server traffic. Instructions for scanning and sending files are posted above the machines.
Printing Directions
  • Print jobs must be released at the Release Station in the Copy and Print Area.
  • After hitting Print at your workstation, select BWLetter [complimentary] or ColorLetter [$.50/page*], wait for the popup, enter  your MSK Username, and send your print job to the Release Station by hitting Print.
  • At the Release Station in the Copy Print Area, enter your Username to locate and select your print jobs.
  • The file must be printed from the Release Station within one hour or it will be deleted.
  • Ask for help or report issues at the Information Kiosk near the entrance.
  • Large files, image-heavy files, and multiple copies can overwhelm the system and cause printing interruptions.

*Payments can be made with cash or refillable copy cards. Refillable copy cards are available at the Information Kiosk.