Your Words of Thanks Got Us Through the Winter

It has officially been a year since the MSK Library closed its physical space during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. We re-opened our door two days per week in October 2020, and the highlight of our re-opening was seeing members of the MSK community in person. Whether we are assisting our users in person, or via our virtual services, we are so grateful for your words of thanks. Here is a sampling of some that helped get us through a long, hard winter:

“So many thanks to you and your assistance. The list is an excellent foundation for the start of my work, and I appreciate your help.. I am so thankful that you have given me this great start.”
Department: Nursing

“Thank you Johanna!! Excellent lecture. That was really great. You are a wonderful resource!”
Department: Radiology

“Have a great day! Thanks for your very powerful work at MSKCC!”
Service: Document Delivery

“This is great. It means a lot to me to get reliable info. I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of “the google” and read outdated info. And I crave reliable information regarding all things related to my cancer diagnosis and testing. Of course this is not a replacement for discussing info with my oncologist. It just makes me better informed.”
-MSK Patient/Caregiver


2020 Kudos Wrap Up

At the close of 2020, we can’t help but reflect on what a challenging, and often painful, year 2020 was for MSK, and the world at large. One bright spot for us at MSK Library was the continuous “kudos” or words of thanks we received from the MSK community. Here is just a small sampling of the kind words shared with us in the second half of the year:

“Oh my goodness Celine! This is mind-blowing informative! Thanks so much and I am really happy I sent the request as I have learned so much. Thanks once more.”
Department: Radiology

“Thank you so much for the great detective work – I was stymied! I appreciate the effort and will keep my fingers crossed.” 
Department: Nursing

“Thanks to Johanna, our intrepid librarian, we now know that we probably shouldn’t be using ketamine as a single agent for asthma.😊”
Department: Critical Care

“Thank you so much! The MSK Library has been such a great resource for me I really appreciate all you do!!”
Department: Nursing

We are so grateful to our MSK Library users, and so honored to support their work. In 2020, we felt this way more than ever.  
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Kudos From Our Community

We love sharing positive feedback we receive from the MSK community and beyond thanking us for our services. Here is a selection of kudos we’ve received over the last few weeks:

Many thanks for sending these highly relevant papers and this absolutely fantastic search. This is so incredibly helpful and I am so grateful. The 3 papers you’ve included are directly relevant and so interesting. I really liked the first scale. Many thanks again for the fantastic Library service.”
Service: Literature Search

“Thank you so much for your exceptional service. It’s reassuring when I see that one of our requests is routed to your facility, because I know that rare is the time that you won’t come through for us. We appreciate you!”
Service: Document Delivery 

“I love librarians!!! Super smart people! Thank you for your time.”
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