2020 Journal Citation Report Released

The new 2020 Journal Citation Report (JCR) was released on June 29 by Clarivate Analytics, providing the 2019 Impact Factor for journals.  The Impact Factor is based on the ratio of a journal’s citations in a given year to the journal’s total number of citable items from the previous two years. 

The JCR also ranks journals by subjects, enabling us to view journal impact within a specific subject category, such as Oncology.  Shown here are the top 10 journals in Oncology out of the 244 listed in this category, along with the number of MSK-affiliated publications for each journal in 2019. 

  1. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians (2)
  2. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology (6)
  3. Nature Reviews Cancer (5)
  4. Lancet Oncology (25)
  5. Journal of Clinical Oncology (60)
  6. Cancer Discovery (20)
  7. Cancer Cell (18)
  8. JAMA Oncology (34)
  9. Annals of Oncology (38)
  10. Molecular Cancer (1)

Contact us to find out more about the JCR. 

New Anesthesiology Service Group Added to Synapse

A new custom group was created to track the publications of the faculty in MSK’s Anesthesiology Service. This department is responsible for all anesthesiology given in both inpatient and outpatient settings across MSK, and joins the existing Critical Care Medicine group in Synapse under the parent group, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Groups in Synapse pull the publications of selected author profiles into a single collection, allowing you to view and track the research coming out of our various departments and services. Administrators and authors can use the groups to create bibliographies for grant applications and annual reports. They can also access metrics such as total number of papers, author position in the paper (last author and first author), and author h-index through the new Research Activity Dashboard (RAD).

For more information, or to start your own Synapse Group, please contact Jeanine McSweeney.

MSK Publications Added to Synapse in January 2020

The Synapse team has already added 484 MSK-authored works (published in 2020) to Synapse, our database of MSK publications and authors. 

Highlighted here are three articles that are receiving a high amount of attention online. Combined, they appeared in 166 news outlets and 1,236 tweets. To view the news stories and tweets, follow the links below and click on the colored Altmetric section on the right.