Finding the Right Database

Explore the MSK Library’s redesigned A-Z Databases list!

Last year our old alphabetical database list got a makeover and now it’s easy to search and browse for the perfect database for your specific needs.

Our databases can always be browsed alphabetically, but now they can also be browsed by subject area and found by keyword search!



Once you identify the database you want to search, the link will take you directly to that database – remember, if you are working remotely be sure to log into Remote Access first – or you can “share” the database by selecting the icon, which allows you to copy the permalink to the database as well as send the URL to yours or someone else’s email.

The Database page is linked to the Help page but you can always contact the Library with questions about this page as well as for assistance with database selection and searching. 

New MeSH Terms for 2021!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

Well, perhaps that’s a bit of an over-exaggeration, but it’s exciting nonetheless! The National Library of Medicine has released its annual list of MeSH changes, including highly anticipated NEW MeSH (Medical Subject Heading) terms for 2021!

The list covers a variety of changes and updates made to MeSH, including:

  • Updated terms — these are MeSH terms that have been deleted, changed, or replaced to reflect more updated terminology
    • 14 terms were updated for 2021
  • New terms — these are brand new MeSH terms added
    • 277 terms were added for 2021
  • Special projects — new terms added in specific subject areas to address needs
    • New behavioral and social science headings
    • New cardiovascular headings
    • New food/beverage headings
    • New infection headings
    • New organism headings
    • New persons headings

One important thing to remember is how to modify saved searches to account for the changes made to MeSH, as the changes will take place in mid-December 2020 and newly indexed citations will be reflective of these changes.

COVID-19 and its impact on MeSH

It makes sense that COVID-19 has been the cause of many of the changes going into 2021. From the onset of the pandemic, NLM was adding supplementary concepts (SCRs) throughout the year to include important concepts to help navigate the large amount of COVID-19 literature, but these supplementary concepts have limited functionality. So with 2021, NLM has announced an entire suite of COVID-19 and SARS-Cov2 related MeSH terms.

Some notable new terms related to the pandemic:

Say Goodbye to PubMed Legacy

Still using PubMed Legacy? Please make moves to switch to New PubMed this month!

NLM has committed to providing access to legacy PubMed through October 31, 2020. The retirement date for legacy PubMed will be communicated in advance via banners on the legacy site. However, the sooner the better for switching over.

You can continue to find legacy PubMed at until it is retired.

If you have not become familiar with New PubMed, which became the default platform in September, be sure to check it out soon!

For questions regarding the transition from PubMed Legacy to New PubMed, please see the NLM’s New PubMed Transition FAQ’s.

You can also attend one of the MSK Library’s New PubMed workshops to learn about searching PubMed and the new features it includes.