What Do These Numbers Have in Common: 5,308… 217… 11?

The 2020 Synapse Publications Report can help you find out. This year our authors published 5,308 works! Of this total, we noted that 217 works were COVID-related. We also expanded our document publication types and now organize works under 11 different formats. The new formats include: Correspondence, Editorial, Guidelines, Journal Article, Miscellaneous, Research Letter, and Review.

Synapse is a public-facing resource and the authoritative bibliographic database of MSK publications, developed and maintained by a team of skilled librarians. While this report reflects the year in review, the Synapse database provides a record of the intellectual output written by MSK researchers, clinicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. As of July 2021, Synapse contains over 90,290 entries [references] dating back to 1987.

I hope that by browsing the 2020 Synapse Publications Report, readers will gain a sense of the contributions made by MSK authors to the ever-growing body of scholarly research. If you are curious about our past annual reports, feel free to explore.

Donna Gibson
Director, Library Services