MSK Data Catalog: We’ve Reached a Milestone!

The Library’s Research Data Management team is happy to announce that thanks to the efforts of our cataloging crew, we’ve reached a milestone of 200+ datasets in the MSK Data Catalog!

The MSK Data Catalog employs enhanced metadata to help increase discoverability of MSK research data, connect researchers working on similar topics, and describe how one can access publicly available datasets. Some of the features include:

  • Application of taxonomies, such as OncoTree and MeSH (Medicine Subject Headings),
  • Identification of analytical tools and software used to create or manipulate data,
  • Filters by subject/repository/author/etc.,
  • Persistent links to datasets and, wherever possible, DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers),
  • Connections to Synapse for data authors and associated publications,
  • Technical info, such as size and format of datasets,
  • Instructions on how to access datasets.

Many of the records we’ve recently added describe MSK datasets in the cBioPortal, Gene Expression Ombinus, dbGap, and the Protein Databank. If you’d like to know what the Library can do to help you increase the discoverability of your research data, please reach out to us!