Three Questions: Katherine Renzelmann, Content Management Assistant

We’re excited to kick off our first “Three Questions” post of 2021 with Katherine Renzelmann, Content Management Assistant.

Katherine Renzelmann, Content Management Assistant

What areas can you help MSK users with?

As part of the content management team, I help oversee our print and electronic collections. This includes analyzing our collection to decide which materials to add or deaccession, as well as checking in and cataloging new resources within our database. I’m available to help MSK users with any issues or questions they may have regarding access to the Library’s print and electronic resources. 

What projects have you been working on recently?

Now that the Library is open again, I’ve been checking in our formidable backlog of print journals and getting them on the shelves for our patrons to utilize. I’ve also been working on fixing standardization issues in our print volume enumeration as it appears in OneSearch. Differences in labeling formats in some journals are causing volumes to be listed out of order, making it more difficult for our users to find what they’re looking for.  

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’ve wanted to travel to Iceland ever since I was a child. I feel like there’s so much natural beauty there—glaciers, volcanos, hot springs, the aurora borealis—Iceland has everything! As someone with a background in horseback riding, I’d also really enjoy doing a multi-day horseback riding tour across Iceland’s peninsula. Icelandic horses are incredibly unique and I’d love to experience riding one.