Say Goodbye to PubMed Legacy

Still using PubMed Legacy? Please make moves to switch to New PubMed this month!

NLM has committed to providing access to legacy PubMed through October 31, 2020. The retirement date for legacy PubMed will be communicated in advance via banners on the legacy site. However, the sooner the better for switching over.

You can continue to find legacy PubMed at until it is retired.

If you have not become familiar with New PubMed, which became the default platform in September, be sure to check it out soon!

For questions regarding the transition from PubMed Legacy to New PubMed, please see the NLM’s New PubMed Transition FAQ’s.

You can also attend one of the MSK Library’s New PubMed workshops to learn about searching PubMed and the new features it includes.