Join the “msklibrary” on Instagram!

A picture is worth a thousand words. The “msklibrary” is now on Instagram and we are delighted to showcase daily photos of the past, present, and future! We know this is going to be a memorable way to engage our library community and capture their attention through the photos we share. And hopefully, along the way these images will tell a story about the MSK Library, the content we provide access to, the services and resources we support, and most of all, our connections with individuals within and outside the Center.

So, don’t be shy, if you have an Instagram account, just search, find our handle and add us to your following list.  This is just another way to keep track about library and cancer-related happenings. And a fun way to interact with library staff.

The Library Website now includes links to our Instagram account in the Recent Blog Posts section (location: middle right of screen), as well as in the page footer.

We have just begun to promote our presence on Instagram and as of May 15, we have 118 followers, are following 274, and have 44 posts.  We look forward to see these numbers grow.

Donna Gibson
Director of Library Services