Catch MSK Library at MSK’s IT Expo 2019

MSK’s annual IT Expo is taking place April 10 and April 11, 2019. Among this year’s training options for staff, the MSK Library will be offering the following two classes:

ORCID: Open Research and Contributor ID (New class!)
(Wednesday, April 10 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, RRL-103)
Instructor: Konstantina (Dina) Matsoukas and Jeanine McSweeney

Course Description: As more and more publishers require that authors include an ORCID iD during the publication submission process, you might be wondering – what is ORCID, anyway? In this class, attendees will learn ORCID basics (what it is and how it works) and why an ORCID ID is an important tool for all authors who want to distinguish their work from others, maximize their research impact, and maintain compliance with publishers and granting agencies. Attendees will also learn about the connection between ORCID iD and Synapse, MSK’s publications and author profile system.

Learning Objectives – Learners will be able to:
• Define what ORCID iD is and describe why it exists
• Identify how author name disambiguation impacts researchers
• Understand how to sign up for an ORCID iD and the benefits of the ORCID@MSK service
• Understand how MSK’s publications and author profile system (Synapse) can be leveraged to populate ORCID profiles

Evaluating Scholarly Journals
(Thursday, April 11 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, RRL-102)
Instructor: Konstantina (Dina) Matsoukas

Course Description: Come to this workshop to find out about the library and information resources that can help you to more comprehensively evaluate a journal’s “quality”. A variety of criteria that should be considered when deciding on where to submit a research manuscript for publication will be discussed.

Learning Objectives – To learn how to evaluate a journal by considering such criteria as:
• Journal metrics (impact factors, rankings, etc)
• Indexing & abstracting services
• Open-access vs traditional publishing models
• Peer-review systems
• Copyright & permissions for re-use
• Digital archiving for posterity
• Journal policies & requirements

We hope to see you there! If your schedule does not permit, however, be sure to check out other MSK Library training options available year-round.