Giving to the Library
The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Library has been described by our current user community as an important resource to access both on and off campus. We know they mean it because, year after year, foot and web traffic continue to increase, demonstrating our value in supporting the institution's mission.  We appreciate all gifts designated for the Library.  Contact Donna Gibson, Director of Library Services to learn more about giving to the Library.

Our collection focus is on acquiring the latest comprehensive oncology resources and tools for clinical, research, health care, and administrative staff.  Electronic resources form the core of the Library’s collection with a full range of databases, relevant eJournals, and eBooks.  We also maintain a dynamic print collection containing key reference works, and the most current publications by our clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals. Search Tri-Cat (Tri-Institutional Library Catalog) for print materials.

Memorial Donations
Donors may honor the memory of a loved one through a gift to fund the purchase of a database, book, or journal subscription. A bookplate will be added to your gift in acknowledgement of your support. A note marking the database, book or journal will be permanently added to the Library Catalog (Tri-Cat) unless requested otherwise.

Gifts of Books and Other Library Materials
The MSK Library accepts gifts and donations of books, journals, and other materials based on their value to the collections. Due to limited staff and space for print content, the Library can no longer accept donations of print materials without prior authorization. 

We request that a list of the journals or books be provided to us with detailed information regarding publication dates.  In the case of journals we would appreciate having the volume numbers. Each donation submitted is carefully considered and we will respond to let you know if your gift will be suitable for the Library and how to arrange delivery.
Financial Support
You Keep The MSK Library Strong.  You allow us to maintain a quality collection of print and electronic resources used by both staff and patients alike. Whether buying a book to honor a friend, family member, or providing an endowment to support the Library into the future, you help us to ensure that we deliver quality content. Thank you for all your contributions and financial support.

To learn more about supporting the MSK Library, please contact Donna Gibson, Director of Library Services.  You may also donate online (select General Research from the list of programs) or review other ways to give.