Research Data Management
Library Support and Collaboration
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Consultation Services

Throughout the life of your research from planning to publication and beyond, we're here to help.

We offer consultations and training sessions for researchers and labs to assist with:
  • best practices (file naming/organization, format selection, storage, backup, documentation, version control, data set citation, etc.),
  • repository selection,
  • assistance creating data management plans,
  • determining funder or publication data sharing requirements,
  • protecting your data while still making it discoverable.

To request a consultation or presentation, contact Anthony Dellureficio, Associate Librarian, Data Management Services. Appointments can be held either in the Library, at your location, or via video conference.

MSK Data Catalog

MSK Data Catalog: This public-facing resource was designed to enhance discoverability and maximize the usefulness of datasets through rich metadata. Library staff want to partner with our researchers to ensure their data sets are discoverable and associated with their publications telling the complete research story. We also plan to proactively seek published works from January 2018 onwards that include data set availability information.

The base code for this application is part of the Data Discovery Collaboration (DDC) and our instance was developed to help researchers identify data resources that may inform their project or research question, and to connect them with other data authors and experts. For data creators, it promotes greater exposure and reuse of their datasets while providing appropriate protections and access control.  The depth and breath of data sets included in this resource should largely be driven by our research community! Find out more about the catalog or suggest data set(s) for inclusion as well as your own!

DMPTool at MSK

The DMPTool is an online application designed to help researchers create and maintain Data Management Plans based on funder templates, while providing MSK institution-specific guidance as well as a direct link for assistance from an MSK data services librarian.

A ‘data management plan’ is a formal document in which a researcher describes what data they anticipate creating or analyzing, how they plan on using that data, where they plan on storing that data, and when they plan on making that data publicly accessible (or whether there are considerations that would affect sharing this data). They are created during the planning stage of research and are ideally updated regularly throughout the research and publication process. Data management plans will be required under the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy which will apply to all NIH grantees regardless of their award amount.

View additional information on how to access and use the DMPTool!