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Law360 (Portfolio Media, Inc.)
Law360 provides real-time full text news clippings in 30+ industries, including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Privacy, Intellectual Property, and Technology. For mobile access to this resource, you must create a free account using your MSK email address.

*Financial support for Law360 is generously provided by the MSK Office of General Counsel.*
Lens (Cambia)
Worldwide, open-access, full text patent informatics resource containing over 10 million patent documents from the United States, Europe, Australia, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. DNA and protein sequences disclosed in patents are also searchable.
LexiComp Online (Wolters Kluwer)
Provides access to the approved drugs and dosage forms used at Memorial Sloan Kettering (Hospital Formulary). The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee selects drugs for addition to the Hospital Formulary based on therapeutic efficacy, toxicity, and cost.