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Provides information about articles on questionnaires, interview schedules, checklists, index measures, coding schemes and manuals, rating scales, and other measurement instruments in the fields of health and psychosocial sciences.
Health Evidence (McMaster University)
This resource helps public health practitioners use the best evidence. It provides access to over 5,000+ quality-rated systematic reviews evaluating the effectiveness of public health interventions.
Contains descriptions of research resources available for health care researchers and health sciences librarians. Includes links to PubMed and other web addresses to scales, instruments, datasets, discharge summaries, claims records, epidemiological surveys, disease registries, and clinical records information pertaining to a topic.
HelioBLAST  (HelioText)
This text similarity engine is a free web tool designed to identify articles similar to yours in Pubmed. You can enter entire portions of text (as opposed to just keywords), such an abstract or even a portion of a paper. The tool will then look for matches based on relevance. Submissions are limited to 1,000 words, so the query should be limited to an abstract or paragraph.
Highly Cited Researchers (Clarivate Analytics)
A searchable web-based product that collects the work of the world's most cited and influential researchers from a broad array of subject categories in life sciences, medicine, physical sciences, engineering and social sciences based on citation metrics.
Household Products Database (National Library of Medicine)
Allows scientists and consumers to research products and their health effects based on chemical ingredients information from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided by brand manufacturers.