A New PubMed is Coming: Are You Ready?

In mid-May 2020, the new version of PubMed will officially replace Legacy PubMed. Learn more about what changes you can expect in our original blog post on this topic. 

new user guide answers many common questions about how best to use the new site. NLM has added links on the new PubMed homepage to many popular PubMed features including the Advanced Search and the MeSH database.

The University of Texas Libraries have created a guide to help PubMed users transition between the Legacy PubMed to the new version. It includes side-by-side text and/or images illustrating how to use common features in the Legacy PubMed and where to find these features in New PubMed. These comparisons show the desktop versions of PubMed. New PubMed is intended to be used with a variety of different devices and features a mobile-friendly search.

In May, our Research Informationists will be offering New PubMed workshops (via Zoom or WebEx) to help you transition to using PubMed 2.0. Register now:

As always, if you have questions or need help with the new PubMed, please Ask Us!